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Having a water garden is essential in being a part of the National Wildlife Federation's Certified Wildlife Habitat™ program. Click here for more information.


Now introducing the Pondless™ Waterfall
and the AquaBasin™!

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  • AquaBasins (Upgraded Fountains)
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    When asked in a 2002 USA Today nation-wide poll, "One thing homeowners would do to enhance their homes", water features/ponds came back as the number one answer. Let's face it, no matter how nice the landscaping is, nothing is more natural than water-and a landscape without it is relatively boring. without a focal point, an area to relax with friends and family, a conversation piece, a serenity spot of your own to enjoy the sights and sounds waterfalls offer, a place for the birds and butterflies to visit, it's just another yard. Waterscape Bring Landscapes to Life!

    Water features transform an ordinary landscape into a delightful retreat. Whether you seek something more relaxed like a calm stream, or a little more excitement with a rushing waterfall, The Pond Contractor offers a number of different possibilities to choose from. We can accommodate any spot in the yard and build it any size. In fact, depending on the design, a water feature is excellent for solving landscape design issues such as a slope you are not sure what to do with, a shady area your sod won't grow in, a rocky terrain, etc.

    A passion for bird watching or a love of nature prompts many people to install a water feature as part of a natural habitat (some even choose to have it certified). With this wonderful spot in your yard as a quiet reprieve from the stress of everyday life as well as an attraction for entertaining guests, you will find the comfort and ambience are enjoyed by all!

    The Pond Contractor uses the Aquascape™ Ecosystem; therefore, our ponds are ecologically balanced and use nature's filtration to stay clean. No chemicals are used or needed. The greatest benefit of using an Aquascape™ Ecosystem is that it actually does the routine maintenance for you! The Skimmer® continuously sweeps the surface clean, automatically depositing unsightly debris in a catch bag for easy removal. Additionally, as the water is pumped through the BIOFALLS® unit, microscopic bacteria go to work scrubbing the pond clean of green water. Our water features are inhospitable to pests such as mosquitoes because there is never any standing water!!

    Does your yard need a Water Feature? How about a second one? What can be a more pleasant way to welcome friends and family to your home than with a Pondless™ Waterfall or an AquaBasin™ near the front door? Maybe you aren't familiar with what is available but have been recently introduced to the water gardening world by a co-worker or a neighbor; a family member or friend. Do you have a smaller budget or a limited space to work with? If maintenance is a concern, don't let it be-our features practically maintain themselves! Do you have small children or pets? No problem! We have met all of these challenges and more with great success; we have something for everyone! Please take the time to read through our web site; there is plenty of information. From photos and diagrams, to pond care and education, we are constantly updating and improving what is available. The Pond Contractor is committed to your waterscape. We Bring Paradise Home!

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